Zoe A Tritsis, LMT (LA#0241)

A Cure for the Blues Massage Therapy

I became a Massage Therapist in 1993, and was a part of the first group for     National Certification and the first licensing group in Louisiana.  Over the last 21 years, I have added many modalities to my toolbox, ensuring a style for every client.  In addition to working in high end day spas here and on Martha's Vineyard, and maintaining a private practice, I also worked in concert venues, providing massage for the musicians.  I started going by "A Cure for the Blues" when I was the on-call therapist for the House of Blues here in New Orleans.  Nola Massage Garage is a new venture that still gives me the opportunity to work on my own terms so I can continue to provide my clients with personalized, custom bodywork.    

Nola Massage Garage

4737 Tchoupitoulas St

(Garage entrance on Bordeaux)

New Orleans, LA  70115


 9:30a - 8:00p Daily

 By Appointment Only



 $80 / 60 minute "Tune Up"

 $100 / 90 minutes "Overhaul" 

 $140 / 120 minutes "Rebuild"

 Weekday Special Rates

 (M-F 9:30a - 4:30p):

 $60 / 60 minutes

 $85 / 90 minutes

 $115 / 120 minutes 

Warm Stone Massage

$110 / 90 minutes (always)

Swedish is the most well known modality, it works with muscle groups and is characterized by its relaxing properties.

Deep Tissue works to isolate specific muscles to work out tension.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is used to release trigger points that can cause pain along the neural pathway.

Myofascial Therapy "unwinds" connective tissue and any distortions it causes in the muscles.

Massage Cupping is an ancient modality that is relatively new to the West.  It is great for breaking down scar tissue and adhesions that occur as a result of injury and surgery and also assists with releasing myofascial tissue and moving lymph. 

Warm Stone Massage uses the heat from the stones to penetrate deeply into the muscle tissue for a massage that is relaxing all the way to the bones. 

Massage Menu  - I like to keep it simple, so I charge clients for time, not modalities.  Unless we are trying to achieve a specific goal, or you have a made a specific request, most sessions include a combination of many different styles of massage.

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A Cure for the Blues Massage Therapy 504-919-1683