Get the New Year off to a Good Start: 

Make healthy New Year's Resolutions come true-purchase 3 hours of massage for just $50 each!

You can use them in 1, 1.5, or 2 hour treatments and you have all of 2018 to schedule them. 

4917 Freret St    504-919-1683

by appointment only

Lenten Special for Marching Groups:

A 60 minute massage is just $40 during Lent

if you marched, danced, rolled, or, pedaled your way through an official Mardi Gras parade

​Follow the "Schedule Online" button to book your appointment before 4/1/18

60 min Cupping $90


Static cupping is an ancient technique of creating negative pressure, which pulls tissue up and into the cup, instead of exerting downward pressure into the muscles.  Massage Cupping moves the cups as a massage tool and relieves soreness, detoxifies, increases athletic performance, range of motion and circulation, breaks down scar tissue, and, accelerates healing after surgery. 


30 min Cupping $40

Fall Back Price Specials: $65/60min, $85/90min, $110/120min

Traditional Modalities include a combination of Swedish (works with muscle groups,

very relaxing), Deep Tissue (isolates individual muscles for more specific relief), Neuromuscular Therapy ("NMT" treats trigger points to break pain patterns). 


120 minute massage $110


90 minute massage $85


60 minute massage $65

Warm Stone Massage: 

Stones retain heat and allow it to penetrate deep into muscle tissue for incredible relaxation!

$100/90 minutes

     My work as a social worker serving homeless teens ended when I suffered a serious back injury that led me to massage therapy, where I found my true calling.  Several thousand massages and 24 years as a professional Massage Therapist later, and, I am still fascinated by the restorative nature of the human body and the healing power of touch! 

      I studied massage as an apprentice (an ancient and comprehensive form of learning that is truly "hands on" in my field) and received my first certification in 1993.  My clientele always included a number of locally based musicians, and, I was the "on call" LMT for the city's big blues-based music venue, so, I started using "A Cure for the Blues Massage Therapy".  In addition to this private practice, I have also taught in a nationally certified massage school and worked in many high end day spas here in New Orleans and on Martha's Vineyard, often in training and managerial roles, always honing my skills to make sure every session is tailored to an individual's specific needs.  

     If you are treating an injury, trying to improve athletic performance, or, just looking for some R&R, I have a massage style in my professional toolbox that will chase away the blues.     

     My private practice allows me to focus on my clients, without the distractions of retail products and other services.  I have always seen myself as a Body Mechanic and my new garage-turned-studio space is a cozy place to relax. I want to make Massage Therapy accessible to every body, so, I offer discounted weekday appointments (perfect for people with flexible schedules), "bulk rates" if you're able to buy in advance, a $10 discount to WWOZ members, and, seasonal specials throughout the year (Mardi Gras, Mother's & Father's Day, Jazz Fest - in other words, the High Holidays!). 

Massage Therapy is A Cure For the Blues!

A Cure for the Blues Massage Therapy